We take absolute pleasure in showcasing our clients. From a business standpoint we are master net-workers and relationship builders. Any opportunity that presents itself to benefit our clients, we do not hesitate to make it manifest. Our strong belief, which is a direct quote from Zig Ziglar, is that "You can have anything in life that you want if you can just help enough people get what they want". This concept is infectious and we hope it takes hold of you today.

Atlant Hospitality    Group
Blackwell Consulting    Services
Beaman Incorporated    (partner)
HNR Solutions
Illinois office of    Tourism
J'esprit, Inc

League of Black Women
Oliver Imprints (partner)
Office Installation Specialist
Ringer Employment    Solutions
Sachi Koto Communications    (partner)
Salon Sense Magazine
Sartor Communications    (partner)

The Nielsen Company
The Ronald D. & Regina C.    McNeil foundation
Turning Point Broadcasting
Y'israel Communications
Yummy Spoonfuls
Sensual Steps shoe Salon